Lorry Transport

Transport with open or closed truck

Are you looking for the perfect transportation solution? Whatever needs to be moved, Transport Service Demets can help you with the right mode of transport. We’re specialised in exceptional transport and carry open and closed trucks with trailers.

Closed trucks and lorries

Our closed vans have a load capacity of 1.2T and load volume of 10 m³.
Our closed trucks have a load capacity of 5T and load volume of 25m³, a load capacity of 10T and load volume of 40m³ or a load capacity of 15T and load volume of 50m³,

Closed trailers are available with a load capacity of 15 up to 30T and with an interior lenght of 10m up to 13,6m. Load volumes differ from trailer to trailer and varies from 63m³ up to 96m³. (With our without a tail-lift)
A special cargo can demand extra equipment. That’s why some of our trucks are equipped with:

  • Curtain sides
  • Slide open roof
  • Air suspension
  • Tail lift (lifting capacity of 2 to 9T)
  • Conform sutures

Open trailer

Open trailers are a great solution for transporting big loads like bobbins or coils. Or, as you can see in the picture, to transport large sewage pipes. A job we were able to carry out safely and efficiently, thanks to our platform trailers. Our trucks are furnished with special sutures. This way you can load your cargo safely and in accordance to the standards. Aside from this; we can furnish extra equipment such as:

  • Side boards or pillars
  • Tarps

Side boards or pillars at the sides of the trailer help stabilise your load. You don’t have to worry about rain, Transport Service Demets can also furnish tarps to cover your goods from moisture.

Why choose Transport Service Demets

Our services are available 24/7. We can also immediately cater for your demand. We are also ready to help with regard to highly urgent requests.

We will always find the right solution for your transport problem within our extensive fleet.

You can always count on our staff. Punctuality is exceptionally important to us as it is to you.