Uitzonderlijk vervoer

With more than 75 years of experience, Transport Service Demets is the ideal partner for your exceptional transport. Thanks to our modern fleet of vehicles and permanently trained drivers, we ensure that your freight gets to its destination without problems.

Machines, metal constructions, wheel loaders, cranes, lengths up to 24m and a weight of up to 50 tonnes can be professionally transported at your request. We have the appropriate material for every job. The necessary permits for “exceptional transport” are requested and filled in by our services.

Self loading & unloading

Our fleet consists of trucks equipped with loading and unloading cranes, so that your goods, materials can be loaded and unloaded completely autonomously. The materials can be placed up to a distance of 20 meters with a weight of up to 14 tons.

Transport of conditioned goods

We can transport these goods both in open and closed vehicles to an internal height of 2.90m.

Exceptional transport

What you may consider an exceptional load, is common practice to us. Our employees are continuously preparing and performing exceptional transport runs. This, after all, demands quite some preparation to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We, for example, guarantee the permits (across borders and nationally), route determination, supervision of the transport and calculation of the loading capacity and the weight distribution. You therefore do not need to worry about anything as a customer and you can count on your freight being delivered on time.

Do you have a logistics issue or an exceptional load? Contact us now. We are sure to have the right solution in house.