Site container transport


Site container transport

The organisation of your site will stand or fall with the correct delivery of your materials. Your site can be brought to a complete standstill when a delivery is too late or does not arrive at all. That is why we always ensure prompt delivery of your material.

We limit delays to a minimum through streamlined planning and our punctual drivers. We will move heaven and earth to get your freight on site any way in case of force majeure.

We can also get your equipment to your site with our flatbed trailers. Exceptional transport is, moreover, one of our areas of expertise. How can we help?

Extra services related to on-site transport

You can count on your freight arriving at your site on time. We will also gladly help you with other logistics questions.

  • You need more storage space. we happily provide you with a site container for safe storage of your goods on site.
  • You want to be in control of the planning of your site transport. You can hire our containers separately and use your own driver.
  • You need help with the installation on site. We can assist you with crane trailers.
  • We also have container trucks available for the transport of all your waste containers.

Why choose Transport Service Demets

Our services are available 24/7. We can also immediately cater for your demand. We are also ready to help with regard to highly urgent requests.

We will always find the right solution for your transport problem within our extensive fleet.

You can always count on our staff. Punctuality is exceptionally important to us as it is to you.