International transport within Europe

Transport throughout Europe

Transport Service DEMETS offers a solution for all your transport needs. Regardless of whether it concerns transport in Belgium or within Europe, our experienced employees are here ready to help. Thanks to our extensive fleet of more than 40 modern vehicles we have everything in house to ensure that every international transport type is brought to a good conclusion.

European Transport of every type

Transport Service DEMETS helps you with every type of transport in Belgium and within Europe. Regardless of the reason why you have come to us, a small and fast intervention or a long-term transport order: the customer is king. If you want to entrust a long-term order to us,we will visit you to discuss everything in advance.

  • Container and/or swap body transport (BDF-system)
  • Exceptional transport
  • Bulk tipper transport
  • Transport with a crane truck
  • Transport with a flatbed trailer

International Transport Service DEMETS

Thanks to your many years of experience and our continuously trained employees you will always be assured of the best solution for your transport.

We find a prompt follow-up of your transport and an exceptionally appropriate service very important. Our modern fleet is always maintained to the minutest detail. We offer the right transport modality for every load.

Together we will find the best solution for your European transport. Please contact us for more information or ask for a quote today free of any obligation.

Why choose Transport Service Demets

Our services are available 24/7. We can also immediately cater for your demand. We are also ready to help with regard to highly urgent requests.

We will always find the right solution for your transport problem within our extensive fleet.

You can always count on our staff. Punctuality is exceptionally important to us as it is to you.