FAQ - Trucks

Frequently asked questions about our trucks

Frequently asked questions about Transport Service Demets trucks.

We often see the same questions about our trucks recurring. Therefore, on this page we are already giving you the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to our fleet.

How many europallets fit in a truck?

How many europallets fit in a truck depends on the type of truck:

  • Truck: 18 europallets or 14 block pallets
  • Semi-trailer: 33 europallets or 26 block pallets
  • Truck with trailer: 36 europallets or 28 block pallets

What does a truck (with driver) cost per hour?

Each type of vehicle has different pricing. Request your quote without obligation to get the correct price estimate. Request your quote here.

How many cubic meters (m3) will fit in a truck?

Tipping trailers load from 1 m3 to 80 m3 or up to 27 tons. Depending on the specific weight of the material to be transported.

How far may a load on a truck protrude?

Please contact us for this so that we can offer the right transportation solution.

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