Open trailer

Transportation of sewage pipes

Regardless of your type of freight, an open trailer by Transport Services DEMETS can always be of service. Above you can see an example of how sewage pipes can be transported fast and efficiently.

Our open trucks, delivery vans and trailers can always offer you a customized capacity. We have a range of loading capacity options between 1 to 30 tons. Our platform trailers are equipped with removable pickets and foldable side panels.

Al our trucks are equipped with suture points, to securely fasten your products. We can also add tarpaulins if desired, to protect your goods from moisture and heavy weather circumstances.

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Why you should choose Transport Service Demets

Our services are available 24/7. We can then also immediately cater for your demand. We are also ready to help with regard to highly urgent requests.

We will always find the right solution for your transport problem within our extensive fleet.

You can always count on our staff. Punctuality is exceptionally important to us as it is to you.