Transport for Industry


Transport Service Demets is the ideal partner for the industry sector. A standard delivery or an exceptional transport? Within our extensive fleet we offer a solution for every transport issue. We can also help in stocking items.

Transport for industry

For our partners in de industry sector we can, for example, provide the following transport possibilities.

  • Aerial access trucks with different lengths and loading capacities.
  • (Low) loader trailer with different loading platform lengths and heights and a loading capacity of up to 50 metric tons.
  • Crane trucks, tractor units and trailers are available with a lifting capacity of up to 15 tons and with a maximum reach of 20 metres.
  • Cranes that can be equipped with hydraulic grabbers or pallet hooks or clamps.
  • Vehicles with ADR equipment supervised by a driver with an ADR certificate.
  • Exceptional transport tailor-made to your needs.