Crane truck

Mounting of pylon antennas

Getting your cargo delivered timely and safely is one of our specialties, but you can also count on Transport Service DEMETS for assembly work at a specific destination.

In that capacity, we were able to provide the mounting of these pylon antennas you can see above, using a DEMETS crane trailer.

Our crane trailers and trucks have different modalities and have a maximum capacity of 20 tons payload and lifting force of 15 tons. Let’s just say these guys are able to perform. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about the loading and unloading of your freight. Our experienced personnel will handle it.

Why you should choose Transport Service Demets

Our services are available 24/7. We can then also immediately cater for your demand. We are also ready to help with regard to highly urgent requests.

We will always find the right solution for your transport problem within our extensive fleet.

You can always count on our staff. Punctuality is exceptionally important to us as it is to you.